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Bir Khalsa Group is an institution associated with Gattaka teachings based in the villages around Amritsar. They take in young children and teach them the Punjabi marshal art of Gataka. We met them at village Rajewal and clicked some photographs of their skill.The leader of the clan teaches the art of Gattaka while moving around many villages in the Amritsar District and trying to get the children into discipline of Khalsa and save them from the menace of drugs and other follies.

Bir Khalsa Group also performed the skill of precision attack in which the leader of the group broke a coconut lying the foot of a young boy with baseball bat. That was an act of perfect timing. If that wasn't enough, next he did the same on the forehead of another young boy. We captured this in a video which we are sharing here today.

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Barmy group Bir Khalsa - which means The Brave Pure - sees a group of men taking part in crazy stunts such as hanging each other by their heads, chewing glass tube lights and playing with swords and spiked maces.

But instead of having their own TV show, their only audiences are the packed fields of Punjab where hundreds gather to see them in action.

The 450-strong group - ranging from 10-34-year-olds - practice the ancient Sikh martial art of Ghatka, a fighting technique that is passed down from generation to generation and only Sikhs are allowed to perform.

Their extreme stunts did recently made them stars on the India's Got Talent TV series - but it seems MTV bosses are yet to call.

Founder and head coach of the group, Kamaljeet Singh Khalsa said: Sikhs are a race of warriors and we have always endured hardship since the beginning, so we do not feel pain.

"We are trying to revive the art of Ghatka from oblivion. Other martial arts such as kung fu and jiujitsu are famous worldwide but we have allowed Ghatka to be forgotten. We push ourselves to do the most difficult stunts to raise awareness and respect for this ancient art.

But it doesn't always go to plan...

He added: One of our members had an axe lodged in his head after a slight miscalculation. He later had inch deep gash in his head.

"Another time, one of our stunts went bad when one of the fire eaters used kerosene instead petrol and ended up burning himself. Both of them were in hospital for a few months.%u201D